Pristine Quality Healthcare Services Corp. is a Canadian-owned company led by compassionate people who leverage each other’s strengths to bring the very best care forward. The founding members and leaders of the company were driven by a singular desire to improve healthcare for all. This vision was ignited by their cumulative heartfelt life experiences and is the fundamental reason they assembled a dynamic community of caregivers on a foundation of trust, respect, empathy and care.  Each member, in their own way, identifies the importance of Quality Care as a core fundamental value. The leaders are courageous, uniquely different, and above all, well-balanced. They are led with Quality Care and follow up with Service.

Pristine Quality Healthcare Corp. is led by Vasile Whittaker, CEO & President. COO/CFO Greg Whittaker is the numbers guy, that leverages all the resources while Nancy Taschian, ED Canada focuses on exceeding employee, patient, and client expectations through Pristine Quality Healthcare Services Corp. services. She leads the focus on family, on connection, on empathy as well as, bringing “Pristine” brand values to life.

Pristine Quality Healthcare Services Corp. is defined by that intersection between family and friends. We had the privilege to build this company from the lens of being on the inside and looking out. I think that’s what sets us apart. I believe we have the most authentic, dynamic community of healthcare workers –  there is a lot of passion – and the tenacity is infectious! It is a privilege to lead this team.

Vasile – CEO & President

Pristine Quality Healthcare Services Corp. is united by the philosophy that “family” – is everything. 

We take care of ours, so that they in turn, have the ability to take care of you, and yours. That’s why we are here – to serve you.

Greg – COO/CFO

From the beginning, the goal was to inspire and grow a community of nurses and healthcare professionals, to become advocates that are integrated into the clients’ needs, throughout the healthcare community.  The Pristine Quality Healthcare Services Corp. team possesses an “always-on” attitude, that cascades into compassion, empathy and accountability. The associates are always ready to assist. They are agile, responsive, and fully focused, on providing pristine-quality services, to patients and their families.

Our Values:
  • Family – we all belong
  • Respect – we value people
  • Integrity – we walk the talk
  • Empathy – we all care
  • Credibility – we are trustworthy & believable
  • Authenticity – we are genuine