Hospital Support
Our team at Pristine Quality Healthcare Services Corp. knows and understands the high staffing demands of the hospital support care sector. Our staff members are professional, experienced, trained, and compassionate.
Long Term Care
Pristine Quality Healthcare Services Corp. understands and appreciates the high staffing demands and the distinctive landscape of the long-term care sector. Our associates are experienced, trained, professional and patient.

Where pristine quality care matters most

Our business is a collection of pristine quality care services coming together ready to serve the needs of the healthcare community. We provide a higher standard of caring with compassionate healthcare associates who have to pass aptitude tests before being selected to join our team.

Besides providing dedicated, useful attention to the patients we take care of, we also aim to bring peace of mind to their families. This way, we comfort our patients and the people they love.

Our services are also useful to deal with staff shortages that might trigger potential risky situations for those who need assistance either at home or hospitals, communities, or long-term care homes.

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Long-term Care

The long term care sector is in constant transformation. This situation implies the potential requirement of unexpected demands that might need to be satisfied to deliver proper care at the right time. We are committed to bringing added value and affordable care services to the people and institutions that require support.

Hospital Support

As a part of our services, we have Registered Nurses, Regulated/Licensed Nurses, Health Care Aides/Personal Support Workers ready to fulfill the needs that a hospital might have due to staff shortage. The personnel we hire are fully prepared to provide experience and useful skills to solve caretaking needs a hospital might present.

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